Berekuso Hill Station


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Berekuso, Ghana

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Berekuso Hill Station is an anticipatory development that seeks to remake landscape as institution. As the city of Accra --like all Africa-- urbanizes its environment, the hill station on a summit opposite Ashesi University in the peri-urban village of Berekuso, is an experiment in ecology: a project to grow a 20-acre park as counterpoint to the unchecked ecological pressure of rapid urbanization in the Greater Accra environ.

As a landscape like the Berekuso context --still natural enough to support bush hunting-- urbanizes, what sort of impact on the emerging community can a dedicated ecological sink have? Building an open-source productive landscape can encourage active lifestyles and active architectures simultaneous with a new social force promoting sustainability.

Berekuso Hill Station promotes sustainable lifestyle and interaction between public and nature in support of biodiversity.

Landscape design was derived from GPS-enabled site analysis in order to optimize water catchment systems, existing vegetation and view corridors. (Process sample at Google Map generated by My Tracks Android app).