Re-making within the historical

July 16, 2017. By Ryan. 0 comment(s).

After 4 years of opening and rediscovering this home within the historic King William neighborhood, construction is almost complete.

As we opened up walls and removed previously remodeled finishes, we understood more clearly how many times the house has been operated on over its history. Our goal was to reveal and reuse original materials and make the house functional again for contemporary living. 


We redesigned a previous addition, which had been constructed poorly and made to mimic the original house, to stand apart but complement the original home. The addition now is home to an open master bathroom, porch, and dining area.






River House Almost Finished

August 8, 2016. By Ryan. 0 comment(s).

The end is near for real this time (we think), as the landscape starts to take shape and we work on the remaining finishes and punchlist.

Places to Shower

May 25, 2016. By Ryan. 0 comment(s).

Tile is in! Choose your view to shower: river, sky or forest.




Drywall on the river

May 6, 2016. By Ryan. 0 comment(s).

Construction on this house has been a long grind, but the end is near and we think the product will be worth it. The space transforms once drywall goes up.





Sometimes siding is not easy

January 30, 2016. By Ryan. 0 comment(s).

When the house starts 15 above ground, it takes a lot of time and equipment to set up for siding. We pre-stained cypress on all four sides before installing with minimal details at doors and windows.



I've been talking about "Cross Fit Construction" for some time... what cross fit fanatic wouldn't want to lug around sacks of concrete, chop up materials, and dig trenches? Membership fees pay to build your house- This will work, right?