Blog posts for June 2011

Porch Soffit and Solar Panels

June 23, 2011. By lowdesign. 0 comment(s).

Work is still happening on the exterior of the house.  The porch ceilings are almost complete.  We first installed a screen in order to prevent insects and other pests from inhabiting the space between the rafters--this required relocating a few existing birds' nests.  Then our carpenters went to work with the treated wood.

Solar panels (for the water heater) have also been installed on the roof at the highest south-west facing point.

Tile In

June 22, 2011. By lowdesign. 0 comment(s).

All of the tile installation is complete.  The master bath white and silver/grey looks good in the morning light, especially now that we can see the floor tile continue outside.

The loft bathroom has more of a cool-grey, stone-like tile.  The tile is the same on the floor and walls in order to create a slightly different (more zen-like?) feel for the guest bath.  This photo is not so good but imagine tiles that look like concrete with a hint of metallic silver texture in them..

Paint and doors coming soon.


June 20, 2011. By lowdesign. 0 comment(s).

The tile in progress.  Most of it is in place; hopefully by the end of today we will be seeing grout as well.

This smaller, silvery-white tile is in the master bath.  The same tiles will continue from end to end, emphasizing interior-exterior continuity and better reflecting natural light into the room--especially in the morning.

A similarly silver-grey but more solid-colored tile will serve as the floor for the other bathrooms.  In the downstairs bathroom, a slightly more playful tile with blue streaks will surround the tub and the tub bench.

Hardie-backer was first applied to the walls and floors in these areas, followed by thinset as the tile is put into place.  We're starting to get a much more complete feel for the rooms.  Cabinetry, counters, built-in shelving and fixtures are all to follow...!

White Oak Floor

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The white oak floor is completely installed, except for a few details at the stairs to be finished later.  We like the warm, natural feel of this floor throughout the house.

Texture Walls & Floors

June 6, 2011. By lowdesign. 0 comment(s).

While we did a little traveling the first week of June, the drywall was finished (floated and textured) and installation of the interior floor began.

The floor throughout the house is white oak, except for where we are using tile (bathrooms and utility room).  There will be a rough sand after the tile is installed, and one more fine sanding toward the very end of construction.

The walls were coated with a standard texture; all that is left to finish these surfaces is to paint them after tile is in.

We're looking at both subtle and bright pops of color for side rooms, while the main living area will remain a bright white canvas for the Marshalls to make their own.