Blog posts for September 2014

A real pile driver at work

September 27, 2014. By Ryan. 0 comment(s).

A steel pier and beam system will carry the house on the Guadalupe River. Because of soil conditions and the requirement to build the first floor 2' above the floodplain, we are using 7" diameter pile driven steel piers. They come in various lengths approximately 40' long and get driven into the ground using a crane and pneumatic driven 4000 lb weight.

Piers arrive on site (TX Pile is doing the work)

Caps are welded onto the bottom of each pile

A little steel pier surfing on their way to location.

And the first pier goes in!

 Watch the Pile Driver in action:

Design progress for HousOffice

September 22, 2014. By Ryan. 0 comment(s).
Design and construction of our house/office renovation is progressing again after a brief haitus. We'll be finalizing and rolling out design concepts with hopes to start renovating again in October. 
The front of the house will serve as office. We intend to compliment the existing materials in a fashion that makes sense for a contemporary design office.




Construction Begins on Guadalupe River House

September 13, 2014. By Ryan. 1 comment(s).

We've got a couple of design/build projects going on at the moment and we are very excited to start building the River House in New Braunfels. We started prepping the site for construction in early August and now are waiting for the pile driven pier contractor to arrive. The house is sited to weave through a cluster of trees, minimizing the amount of clearing required while still taking advantage of views to the river.