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Announcing AMP

May 29, 2013. By dk. 0 comment(s).

Amplification is the fundamental process of addition. Life is not either/or; it is both/and.

Ghana Makers is a social network, right now on fb. AMP to date is a makerspace project that lowdo, Yasmine Abbas and my father have been plotting. We used the Rockefeller informal round as an excuse to conceptualize it. Proposal is for a locally-fabricated modular, scalable, coupled digital and physical infrastructure for open-source design and making in Africa+

More and more, people ask for more information or express an interest in collaborative production. And it can be hard to explain to them what we are doing. For most people it's slightly too complicated for them to conceptualize fully.

In August, we want to run a limited startup phase to work with a select number of architects, programmers, artists, systems thinkers and makers in any field to jointly develop a more coherent model for visualizing and communicating the project. More details soon. (Builds off this working theorem on design innovation *stellation*)

images are brekship1 from Brekuso Hill Station, where building off the bamboo robots line we are planning toward kinematic and aeronautic roofing. Yes, that means roof structures that (eventually - this will be years of research) can fly. This is 20 ft container; we are starting with much smaller 10 ft. version

Also: Check out what Wɔɛlab is working on in Togo: W.AFATE to MARS!

Don't know what a "makerspace" is? Read this.

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