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Bamboo bot updates

May 29, 2013. By dk. 0 comment(s).

On site in Berekuso yesterday, I forgot to take updated pictures of the bamboo test. So here are some older images I never posted. We have assembled the trusses for a bamboo canopy and are conducting a weather and insect exposure test. So far decent powder post beetle resistance. Will treat and 3D assemble once we finish the launch pad.


The design logic is as follows: Bamboo is at best a temporary building material. However, it is (rel.) cheap, has a low carbon footprint and high performance material properties. The research line seeks to marry standardized bamboo pole sections with simple, durable nut-and-bolt connectors. For this canopy we use 1 in thick Denya plate (top rated African hardwood) with galvanized steel threaded rod. The same connector prototype (4 eyes, 2 angles) used for mobile canopy has other bamboo apps, like a sensorbot and waterbot:

Online reference for making bamboo connections (PDF)

more bamboo experiments on Afrch

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