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Concrete Formwork / Bathrooms

August 11, 2011. By lowdesign. 2 comment(s).

We have been extremely busy over at the Garden Street site.  We're in the final month of construction, which for us means a lot of hands-on custom work building cabinetry, shelving, and other Lowdo details.  We love it but we have a lot of retroactive blogging to do...

One of the biggest projects we took on was pouring concrete countertops with integral sinks for all three bathrooms.  These were a beast to make, but we can't wait to see the results.

In the master bath, the concrete countertop and sink will hang from these 2x8s.  We'll have rebar in the front edge of the counter, which we are making 7" deep so that it will serve as a "beam" to span across the 6-foot space.  The two smaller bathroom counters (3' across) will simply rest on the cabinets below.

We first built the forms for smaller bathroom countertops.  The forms are upside-down--the bottom surface will be the top of the counter when the concrete is poured in, and the asymmetrical box will be the inside of the sink.  We used melamine for the formwork, which has a slick surface that concrete won't stick to.  The corners are all caulked, and PVC pipe wrapped in tape serves to make holes for the faucets and drains.

We put remesh in the countertops to strengthen them against cracking or breaking.  On top goes another, secondary melamine form that will shape the deeper parts of the countertops.

The master bath formwork.  Ryan is tying in the rebar that will strengthen the front edge of the counter.  A second piece will be tied in to run along the bottom of the beam.

And then...with the much appreciated help of Ryan's dad...we poured!  We were all working quickly with the wet concrete, so no pictures of the pour in action.  More to come in a few days when we release the mold.

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