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Concrete Prep / Kitchen and Utility

September 15, 2011. By lowdesign. 0 comment(s).

Round 2 of our concrete countertop work.  For the kitchen and utility room countertops, since we did not create integral sinks, our formwork was generally simpler.  We created cutouts for the sinks and cooktop, and we also formed a 3/4" drop-down lip for the kitchen pieces.  In pouring, we had to be particularly careful to place the large remesh and rebar spans in the middle of the 1.5" counter thickness.  We again rented a concrete mixer but vibrated and finished the pours by hand.


We covered the pieces with plastic tarps in order to retain moisture as the concrete cured (this has been a very, very dry summer in Austin).  After 5 days, we released all of the pieces and finished them with several rounds of sanding.  We again filled air holes in the surface with Rockite, though in comparison to the bathroom pieces we spent more time sanding to a finer level of polish.

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