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Concrete Released / Small Baths

August 16, 2011. By lowdesign. 2 comment(s).

Five days after we poured, we released our new countertops & sinks.

To start with, we unscrewed all of the perimeter melamine pieces.  They pulled off fairly easily.

We used packing tape to seal the edges of the bottom-side formwork.  The concrete picked up every detail--all the lines and the shine.

The countertop was poured upside down, so we placed white foam to help soften the edges when we turned it over.  Once flipped, we had to drill/dig into the sink area to pry off the top.

Then we knocked out the faucet piece, and carefully pried out the sink pieces.  Hello concrete vanity with sink!

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I am curious about keeping the cement surfaces clean (stains?) Is the concrete porous? Do you add a sealer?
Just interested.
The house is beautiful and very creative.

Ryan's picture

Concrete is porous so you have to seal it. There are generally two methods: a topical seal which creates a film on top of the surface, creating a 'wet' look; and a penetrating sealer which seeps into the concrete while preserving a more natural look. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. We used a penetrating seal with a coat of wax.