Sometimes siding is not easy

January 30, 2016. By Ryan. 0 comment(s).

When the house starts 15 above ground, it takes a lot of time and equipment to set up for siding. We pre-stained cypress on all four sides before installing with minimal details at doors and windows.



I've been talking about "Cross Fit Construction" for some time... what cross fit fanatic wouldn't want to lug around sacks of concrete, chop up materials, and dig trenches? Membership fees pay to build your house- This will work, right? 

Concept takes shape

December 15, 2015. By Ryan. 0 comment(s).


Cars aren't supposed to be in Trees

November 1, 2015. By Ryan. 0 comment(s).

 Flood waters from ongoing rain made this special delivery from our neighbor next door. Wow





Construction begins on Dakota Mountain

August 31, 2015. By Ryan. 0 comment(s).

The weather was ominous but we got the foundation poured and framing begins!




Framing Nature

August 10, 2015. By Ryan. 0 comment(s).