105W Mary Exterior

March 21, 2013. By Ryan. 1 comment(s).

After a few changes and Hiccups along the way, the gut remodel we designed in South Austin is almost dried in. All the windows and most of the facade has been in stalled (but not painted - it won't be yellow!). Once the carport roof is constructed the roof lines should tie together playfully.

We opened up the drop ceiling on the interior to allow the existing dormers to bring in really nice light to the living space and master bedroom. It helps to make what are small spaces feel much larger.

This is what the house used to look like:

We wanted to keep its traditional austin cottage character but give it a more contemporary feel.


Austin Home magazine: GET LOW

February 28, 2013. By Ryan. 2 comment(s).

The East Austin Residence is featured in the Spring issue of Austin Home magazine. Mitchell Alan Parker describes our "high-minded, budget-conscious" approach to the project with comments from the owners. Pick up a copy today to read more!

Bambusa Tuldoides!

January 10, 2013. By dk. 0 comment(s).

Received an early Christmas present when a friend introduced to (what we think is) a forest of bambusa tuldoides. Most bamboo in Ghana is bambusa vulgaris - which is more knobby and grows twice as big. Dropped 300 culms selected across both species for maturity on site at Berekuso Hill Station on the 24th. Heading back up this weekend to check-in on drying process and for some more full-size model-making: including joint mechanisms for bamboo canopy and first up of the bamboo robots, a waterbot for smart drip irrigation with an Arduino uno brain.

bamboo delivery truck


East Austin Residence on Modern Homes Tour

December 3, 2012. By Ryan. 1 comment(s).

The East Austin Residence will be featured on the Austin Modern Homes Tour February 2, 2013. Check out our page at


In the coming weeks they will be adding more content, including an interview with us. Pick up tickets and come check it out on February 2!

RTD Construction Almost Complete

October 15, 2012. By Ryan. 2 comment(s).

The design and construction of the Rolling in Thyme and Dough Addition flew by (construction began on June 26) and is now almost complete. A lot of details and design moves felt the force of such a fast pace but many of the broader concepts remain clearly defined.

The original building was built in the 1890's. We wanted to respect its history (and its structure) by connecting lightly to the building in a way that clearly defines but compliments new and old.

The new dining areas frame views to the nursery outside. The lighting isn't quite done, we had to use some temporary fixtures for the opening. Eventually there will be a field of flexible colored shades.

A number of playful moments were designed to look out, through, back in and out again both new and old spaces.