Welcome to Our New Website

October 10, 2012. By Ryan. 0 comment(s).

Over the past few months we've redesigned our sight to better showcase all of our projects, ideas, and activities. We welcome your feedback and suggestions! Special thanks to Zarghun at act2studio for all of his hard work building it and getting it up and running!

Framing Thyme and Dough

July 18, 2012. By lowdesign. 0 comment(s).

All sections of the foundation are in place and the framing has begun. A small crew will progressively work on each of the new buildings.


This will be the new entry and informal dining/working area with communal tables and a bar countertop.




Foundation Begins in Dripping Springs

July 12, 2012. By lowdesign. 0 comment(s).

Construction recently began on an addition we designed for Rolling in Thyme and Dough - a bakery, diner and nursery that has become a social gathering space for the hill country town of Dripping Springs, TX.  The diner currently operates out of a house that was built circa 1900 and will remain open for most construction as we build three new buildings which will lightly attach to the existing.

The first section to go up will serve as a new main entry and contain bar seating for computers and chatting.

We'll face a number of challenges attaching to such an old building, hopefully there won't be too many surprises and the new and old will compliment each other.

Garden St Landscape

February 16, 2012. By lowdesign. 2 comment(s).

The landscape finished a while back, but we haven't had much time to blog. we also recently finished the cascading porch in the back.

Exterior volume

December 3, 2011. By lowdesign. 0 comment(s).

View of the guesthouse from the driveway. This front facade will have two very large barn doors which cover the windows when not in use and during the hot summer months.

The roofers started and completed there work over the course of two days.

We liked the view from the roof.