LOWDO is an architecture studio that realizes high design through low cost, low energy technologies and solutions.

Our goal is more with less: Achieve high impact results with low environmental impact, low carbon/material footprints, and low maintenance energetics. We contend that meaningful aesthetics and design innovation emerge from bottom-up responses to low supply: In the search for new socioeconomic and environmental equilibria in society today, low is the new minimalism. We believe that humans and ecologies perform best at low stress levels, and that by optimizing efficiency we can both maximize the transformational power of built environments and inspire reflection on the contemporary world and our roles within it. As a low design office we work to construct buildings and create places that amplify opportunities for all people, regardless of class and culture.


Our process is design/build. Because we understand both construction and design sides of making buildings we can help clients dream realistically, build cost-effectively and reduce their environmental impact over time. For us each project is a collaboration; a partnership; a relationship with a client linked to a unique series of parameters.

The design process allows us to solve problems in ways we cannot imagine at the outset, while building ties that process to reality. But design is infinite. We help people and organizations define their scope, create a model and craft quality buildings and landscapes on their timeline and budget. That design/build process is for us a feedback loop of making and the core of our studio.


We support making generally and are open to opportunities to co-create, collaborate, consult, present or media appearances. Contact us lowdo [at]