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Honolulu Hillside Residence

Located on a lush hillside with stunning views of Palolo Valley and the highrises of Waikiki beyond, this interior project uses simple materials and construction to prioritize outward connection in every aspect of this integrated live, work, and dining space.

The existing space was constructed with strip windows along the perimeter, though its original orientation was inward--toward an entertainment wall opposite the windows. Our design redirects attention outward, using a series of rich surfaces to frame the natural setting while enabling a variety of uses in the small but open space.

A highly finished surface wraps continuously under the strip windows, starting as a preparation table for the kitchen, folding under the dining table to become a work surface on the other side, and finally turning down to serve as an end table for the sitting area.


The dining table folds out and down from the wall, serving to separate the kitchen and work/living areas. At the floor level, the wood planks bend upward to form a platform for the sofa and coffee table, creating another distinct living zone and allowing inhabitants to take full advantage of the views beyond even when sitting.

The entertainment unit located in the center of the room is a floating piece, using the language of continuous-wrapping at a smaller scale. This continuity throughout allows for a seamless reading of connections across the space--from one living zone to another, and from the interior space to the exterior environment.

The refined surfaces of the tables and entertainment center (stained and sealed pine) are complimented by the raw materials used to construct the floor (recycled douglas fir lumber) and to finish the back wall (cement board, typically used as an underlay for tile). For a very low price, these unconventional finish materials provide a richness of texture and color. In a space that has been made highly dimensional through new connections to its garden and valley surroundings, these materials add even greater depth to the space and thus to the experience of living within it.

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