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Standing Seam Metal Roof

Things have been moving so fast the last couple of weeks that we haven't been able to keep up the blog! The standing seam roof is almost done. Nick Perez and his crew have been doing a great job thus far creating a tight, cleanly detailed roof.

The metal supplier actually brings out coils of metal (in our case galvalume) and roll out the panels on site to spec and length.

You need plenty of parking space to do this.

Then the panels are put into place one by one. The seams are clamped and then rolled with a machine to insure a tight fit.

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Solid roof, Glass doors

The roofers were working all day prepping the roof for the standing seam metal.  First, protective underlayment.

Then, blue foam.  This will keep our interior nice and insulated.


We also went to Dallas today to pick up our sliding glass doors and screens from MetalCraft.  Hey road trip.

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There's the new neighbor.  Framing's done, so it's time to sheath that guy.

Ready set go go roof sheathing.

The roof is nearly complete at this point.

Skylights (which will be clear polycarb) run the width of both the front and back porches.  You can start to see the effect here.  Ooh la la.

Here comes the facade sheathing.  To be continued.

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Roof rafters

More catwalks means more roof work.

The framers seem perfectly comfortable working up high.

Along with the main interior rafters, the first front porch beams are almost in place.  However, the double-sloped roof has created a few complications.  Here Martin is holding the beam as his team takes it apart--they needed to adjust it slightly in order to better accommodate the slopes.

With the skeleton nearing completion, the house is at once easier to see in person but harder to see through a camera.  So please trust us that it's looking awesome.

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Moving upward

Our sign is officially posted.  Come one come all.

Behind the sign, the framers are moving on up as they start preparing the roof.

Catwalks criss-cross the main living space.  They are impressive to see in use.

By the end of the day, the workshop walls are up and we're almost ready for the porch roof.

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