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Yoga Mat Storage

The clients asked for a series of streamlined shelving units for yoga mats that could maximize storage without compromising the tranquility and simplicity of their small but popular shala, which had no means for organizing the 30-40 yoga mats that their students left in the changing rooms every night.

Considering the client’s needs for non-toxic materials and flexible arrangements, the bamboo-wood units were designed to be rotated and aligned in a number of ways, with the potential to serve as stand-alone partitions in a future setting.

CNC-routing technology was used to cut the subtly changing curves of the shelves, which soften the edge of the unit and ease the accessibility of the mats.

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Interiors (public)

Here are a few pics of living and dining spaces. The shelving weaves through these spaces to define more intimate moments. The clients are completely moved in now and we hope to get a photographer in for a final shoot within the coming weeks. The photo below was taken before the kitchen shelving was completed, but gives you a good sense of the space and light.

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The custom shelving is almost finished. It weaves through the house creating special views while defining different spaces.

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