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After a great deal of consideration we decided to stain the  north and south wood facade a light grey. This subdues the wood a bit so that it fits in better with the neighborhood (something we feel is very important) while complimenting the window trim and siding.

Many of the exterior details are finished: the polycarb skylights and "screens" at the front and back porch are installed.

The drywall for the project arrived late on Friday. It should go up pretty quickly and be textured by the weeks end.

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All in the Details

A look at our window boxes, the screen at the back porch, and one option for staining the facade.

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Softer Siding

Work on the wood siding (north and south facades) continues.

William Bollom and one fellow carpenter completed the white pine siding on the north facade and the workshop.

Cutting the siding exactly to fit between the window boxes and the roofline/skylight above proved to be the most challenging.  Nonetheless, the wood siding was completed in four days, and now we just have to decide on the stain color.

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More metal siding

Today Nick Perez and his roofing crew finished installing the standing seam metal. There is still more trim work and panels to install at the carport and back porch, but the majority of the metal siding is erected.

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Today we began installing standing seam metal on the west side of the house and white pine on the southern facade, where it will be protected from the elements by the deep porch.

The windows line up with the panel seams.

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