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South Hampton Addition

This New England addition/renovation aims to simultaneously maximize both privacy and flexibility in a small residence.

Rather than creating a clear separation between the new and the old, potentially closing off the new master bedroom and office space to most inhabitants, the project uses open circulation and storage-as-display to overlap old and new in an experience that is more about mutation than mere transition, allowing for maximum variety of use throughout the limited square footage.


Given that the owners are involved in fashion, the closet became a key element in the conflation of old and new.

The closet and office become one double-height space, showing off both clothing and books as collections to be viewed. These storage areas are adjacent to all circulation in the house, acting as the mutation device that indicates a re-purposing of old spaces.

Strategic openings throughout the addition enable the user to recognize the thickness of the walls as storage, again reinforcing that there is more than just two sides to this house. Doors are located at corners, pushing movement against and past the thickened walls.

Glass and wood also serve to heighten the effect of this mutated house; these materials offer new ways of looking at existing conditions, including windows (as not only exterior but also interior apertures) and decking (as siding).

The exterior siding at the west and south fold down to become the deck, as the new walls embrace the existing house by becoming its new deck on all sides.

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