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Porch Soffit and Solar Panels

Work is still happening on the exterior of the house.  The porch ceilings are almost complete.  We first installed a screen in order to prevent insects and other pests from inhabiting the space between the rafters--this required relocating a few existing birds' nests.  Then our carpenters went to work with the treated wood.

Solar panels (for the water heater) have also been installed on the roof at the highest south-west facing point.

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Tile In

All of the tile installation is complete.  The master bath white and silver/grey looks good in the morning light, especially now that we can see the floor tile continue outside.

The loft bathroom has more of a cool-grey, stone-like tile.  The tile is the same on the floor and walls in order to create a slightly different (more zen-like?) feel for the guest bath.  This photo is not so good but imagine tiles that look like concrete with a hint of metallic silver texture in them..

Paint and doors coming soon.

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The tile in progress.  Most of it is in place; hopefully by the end of today we will be seeing grout as well.

This smaller, silvery-white tile is in the master bath.  The same tiles will continue from end to end, emphasizing interior-exterior continuity and better reflecting natural light into the room--especially in the morning.

A similarly silver-grey but more solid-colored tile will serve as the floor for the other bathrooms.  In the downstairs bathroom, a slightly more playful tile with blue streaks will surround the tub and the tub bench.

Hardie-backer was first applied to the walls and floors in these areas, followed by thinset as the tile is put into place.  We're starting to get a much more complete feel for the rooms.  Cabinetry, counters, built-in shelving and fixtures are all to follow...!

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White Oak Floor



The white oak floor is completely installed, except for a few details at the stairs to be finished later.  We like the warm, natural feel of this floor throughout the house.

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Texture Walls & Floors

While we did a little traveling the first week of June, the drywall was finished (floated and textured) and installation of the interior floor began.

The floor throughout the house is white oak, except for where we are using tile (bathrooms and utility room).  There will be a rough sand after the tile is installed, and one more fine sanding toward the very end of construction.

The walls were coated with a standard texture; all that is left to finish these surfaces is to paint them after tile is in.

We're looking at both subtle and bright pops of color for side rooms, while the main living area will remain a bright white canvas for the Marshalls to make their own.

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The interior of the house is really starting to take shape now that the drywall is up. Patchmasters began work last monday and finished hanging the drywall within a few days.

You can understand how light and shadow move through the space now.

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Morning at Garden St.

A couple of random images showing some of the material and lighting effects the house plays with.

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After a great deal of consideration we decided to stain the  north and south wood facade a light grey. This subdues the wood a bit so that it fits in better with the neighborhood (something we feel is very important) while complimenting the window trim and siding.

Many of the exterior details are finished: the polycarb skylights and "screens" at the front and back porch are installed.

The drywall for the project arrived late on Friday. It should go up pretty quickly and be textured by the weeks end.

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All in the Details

A look at our window boxes, the screen at the back porch, and one option for staining the facade.

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The final step in making our house "tight" is the spray-foam insulation.  Chase Insulation finished the job in about a day and a half, filling all of our wall cavities and filling the roof at least 5.5 inches deep.

Seeing the walls turn white actually allowed us to see much more clearly how the light moves and reflects in the house.  We like it.

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Softer Siding

Work on the wood siding (north and south facades) continues.

William Bollom and one fellow carpenter completed the white pine siding on the north facade and the workshop.

Cutting the siding exactly to fit between the window boxes and the roofline/skylight above proved to be the most challenging.  Nonetheless, the wood siding was completed in four days, and now we just have to decide on the stain color.

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More metal siding

Today Nick Perez and his roofing crew finished installing the standing seam metal. There is still more trim work and panels to install at the carport and back porch, but the majority of the metal siding is erected.

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Today we began installing standing seam metal on the west side of the house and white pine on the southern facade, where it will be protected from the elements by the deep porch.

The windows line up with the panel seams.

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Doors and Windows

The carpenters and roofers have spent the last few days working on details: the window and door exterior trim (cedar) is installed and most of the trim for the standing seam metal siding is up.

The exterior doors have also been set - we'll finish them later.

Nick Perez and his crew started putting up the custom downspouts - eventually they will direct rainwater to collection barrels under the house.

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The Guts

Construction continues at a fast pace even though we haven't been blogging as much - the guts of the building are just a bit more difficult to capture well in photograph.

Allison Electric has just about finished installing the electrical rough in over the last 3 days.

P&P Plumbing has finished installing the plumbing rough-in.

And today we began the first step in setting the shower pans - in this case a base of concrete is formed to slope down to the drain in our outdoor shower.

We hope to get everything ready for inspection by Friday so we can start with insulation next week!

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Multitasking . plumbing . hvac . flashing . trim . . .

This week has already been packed with activity. The plumbing, heating and mechanical, carpentry, framing, and roofing trades have all been working (and Ryan's head might explode).

One "finished" window.  The carpenters started making the cedar window boxes. These extend out around the windows on the east and west facades (and this one on the north) to provide extra protection from the sun and rain as well as an added degree of privacy.

Now looking inside the house...

You always need to consider the less glamorous trades in design, and sometimes they get tricky. Plumbing has started winding through the walls, and a mass of mechanical ductwork is growing upstairs in the storage "attic," and everywhere else. These ducts will provide hot and cold air to every room in the house, and a few of them will play a part in shelving and storage design throughout the house.

Ductwork / soon-to-be integrated shelving.  In the meantime...one day's mistake is the next day's cat.

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Standing Seam Metal Roof

Things have been moving so fast the last couple of weeks that we haven't been able to keep up the blog! The standing seam roof is almost done. Nick Perez and his crew have been doing a great job thus far creating a tight, cleanly detailed roof.

The metal supplier actually brings out coils of metal (in our case galvalume) and roll out the panels on site to spec and length.

You need plenty of parking space to do this.

Then the panels are put into place one by one. The seams are clamped and then rolled with a machine to insure a tight fit.

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It Turned Blue!

But not because its cold enough to drink. The house is now completely wrapped in 1" dow foam, which provides an exterior layer of insulation and prevents any type of thermal bridging through the wall studs.

The house faces just enough east so that the early morning sun casts nice shadows across the north-facing facade.

We tweaked the outdoor shower off the master sweet a bit so that light and air will flow in from above and below.

A cornice crew from Synergy installed the thermally broken aluminum windows.

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Solid roof, Glass doors

The roofers were working all day prepping the roof for the standing seam metal.  First, protective underlayment.

Then, blue foam.  This will keep our interior nice and insulated.


We also went to Dallas today to pick up our sliding glass doors and screens from MetalCraft.  Hey road trip.

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House Emerges

Today, the guys finished installing the exterior sheathing and started finishing interior work. The windows arrived too.

The form of the house is now clear with all of the openings defined.

The porch in the backyard is pretty large in scale and floats over the ground.

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There's the new neighbor.  Framing's done, so it's time to sheath that guy.

Ready set go go roof sheathing.

The roof is nearly complete at this point.

Skylights (which will be clear polycarb) run the width of both the front and back porches.  You can start to see the effect here.  Ooh la la.

Here comes the facade sheathing.  To be continued.

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Post up

This is one of the posts on the front porch.  It is a seriously load-bearing member (carrying much of the roof overhang), so it had to be cut perfectly.

More roof editing happened as well.

We can now see almost the entire house.  The workshop on the left, the front porch and entrance, the driveway/carport and secondary entrance on the right.

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Roof rafters

More catwalks means more roof work.

The framers seem perfectly comfortable working up high.

Along with the main interior rafters, the first front porch beams are almost in place.  However, the double-sloped roof has created a few complications.  Here Martin is holding the beam as his team takes it apart--they needed to adjust it slightly in order to better accommodate the slopes.

With the skeleton nearing completion, the house is at once easier to see in person but harder to see through a camera.  So please trust us that it's looking awesome.

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Moving upward

Our sign is officially posted.  Come one come all.

Behind the sign, the framers are moving on up as they start preparing the roof.

Catwalks criss-cross the main living space.  They are impressive to see in use.

By the end of the day, the workshop walls are up and we're almost ready for the porch roof.

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Today the guys finished framing the opening and began constructing the front porch.  Its great because now you can really understand the house in space

We set up recycling at the site at the beginning of the week to make sure we limit our waste. We plan to rent a wood chipper when the woodwork is done to turn scrap pieces into mulch for the yard.

The entry is framed out, except for the landing area and stair where you arrive.

The front porch is finally framed - its also the entry level.

We made our sign using a salvaged piece of metal when found in the yard at the beginning of the project. We'll put it up tomorrow!

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Rain or Shine

The day started off with a constant drizzle, which probably was a good thing because Austin hasn't had much rain in awhile, but it didn't deter Martin and his crew. They spent the day putting in the window headers and second floor beams.

We considered calling this project "tree house" because it floats above the ground and directs framed views towards the trees.

There are no stairs to get up to the loft level yet, but its there.

It was a good, long, productive day even with the early morning rain.

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Platform framed

Don't try this at home. Martin and his crew were at it again today, framing all the first floor the interior walls.

The volumes are taking shape and you can begin to feel what the spaces are like. Each wall is put together on the the platform and then raised into place.

After all of the first floor walls were in place, the guys made sure the entire building was plumb.

The first floor is done, now onto the second tomorrow.

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Austin, we have walls

While other people were relaxing on the weekend, we got a lot done. The ground floor sub-floor is finished and many of the exterior walls framing the main living space are erected.

Early in the day, Martin began work to finish framing the back porch. The rest of the guys started laying out the interior walls and building the exterior walls.

After putting together the main components of the wall on the platform, they were lifted into place.

By days end, we could see the volume of the living space come into focus.

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Framing the Sub-Floor

The crew, led by Martin, began laying out A LOT of 2x12 floor joists.

It took most of the day to get everything in place and cut properly.

By the end of the day, the ground floor platform was almost finished.


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