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105W Mary Exterior

March 21, 2013. By Ryan. 1 comment(s).

After a few changes and Hiccups along the way, the gut remodel we designed in South Austin is almost dried in. All the windows and most of the facade has been in stalled (but not painted - it won't be yellow!). Once the carport roof is constructed the roof lines should tie together playfully.

We opened up the drop ceiling on the interior to allow the existing dormers to bring in really nice light to the living space and master bedroom. It helps to make what are small spaces feel much larger.

This is what the house used to look like:

We wanted to keep its traditional austin cottage character but give it a more contemporary feel.


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dk's picture

glad the brackets came off in the end. what's the verdict on the weird window - going simple style, wood wrap or polycarb?