Gut remodel of a house built in 1907
Open architecture for making
A vacation home on the Guadalupe River
Bambot installation for Chale Wote arts festival
Installation at ANO arts center
Garden House and Guest House
Home and guest house merged
Incremental education for the Anam community
A 20 acre botanical garden in Berekuso, Ghana
Sustainable residence in Ghana
1200 sf gut rennovation of Austin cottage
Holistic healing for Greater Anam
Barn style house in expansive rural landscape
Sustainable single family residence in Houston
Bedroom and library addition
New addition for Rolling in Thyme & Dough
New town in Eastern Nigeria
A sustainable single family home
Desk designed for paired mobility
Interior design connecting to environment
Platform bed + storage
Multipurpose community center in South Africa
Configurable shelving units for yoga mats
Learning from reality TV
Empowering informal economies in Ghana
Proposal for new building typology in NYC
Urban strategies for programmatic adjacencies
Transforming a church into a youth center
Barn style training facility and house